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Love POLK was born 28 Jan 1885. He died Unk. Love married Merry Ether MORROW.

Merry Ether MORROW [Parents] was born 1 Dec 1893. She died Unk and was buried in Oran Cemetery. Merry married Love POLK.

Horace Harrison MORROW [Parents] was born 11 Aug 1896. He died 11 Nov 1975. Horace married Grace Lou ERWIN on 24 Dec 1925.

Grace Lou ERWIN was born 15 Sep 1905 in TX. She died 10 Aug 1950. Grace married Horace Harrison MORROW on 24 Dec 1925.

They had the following children:

  F i Samantha Elizabeth MORROW was born 16 Nov 1926 and died 27 Nov 1994.

Stewart Jackson COUGER was born 20 Oct 1922. He died 15 Sep 1993. Stewart married Samantha Elizabeth MORROW.

Samantha Elizabeth MORROW [Parents] "Sammy" was born 16 Nov 1926. She died 27 Nov 1994. Sammy married Stewart Jackson COUGER.

Samuel Clayton MORROW [Parents] was born 21 Nov 1901 in TX. He died 2 Oct 1942. Samuel married Anna Lois GARRISON.

Anna Lois GARRISON was born 21 May 1907. She died 19 Feb 1974. Anna married Samuel Clayton MORROW.

Charles Watson BILLINGS [Parents] was born 5 Jul 1882 in AR. He died Unk. Charles married Fannie BATES on 14 Jan 1924.

Fannie BATES died Unk. She married Charles Watson BILLINGS on 14 Jan 1924.

Daniel Draper BILLINGS [Parents] died Unk. He married Addie FOSTER on 3 Jul 1877.

Addie FOSTER died Unk. She married Daniel Draper BILLINGS on 3 Jul 1877.

Daniel Tennessee BILLINGS [Parents] was born 21 Oct 1859 in AR. He died about 1930 in Antlers, OK and was buried in Antlers, OK. Daniel married Sallie HARDEN on 18 Oct 1877 in Howard Co, AR.

Sallie HARDEN was born about 1860. She died Unk. Sallie married Daniel Tennessee BILLINGS on 18 Oct 1877 in Howard Co, AR.

Robert F HOLT was born 1858. He died Unk. Robert married Frances BILLINGS on 5 Sep 1878 in Howard Co, AR.

Frances BILLINGS [Parents] was born 1862 in AR. She died Unk. Frances married Robert F HOLT on 5 Sep 1878 in Howard Co, AR.

Heinrich Henry BILLING [Parents] was born 1767 in Rowan Co, NC. He died 28 Feb 1838 in Randolph Co, AR. Heinrich married Elizabeth MERRILL on 6 Apr 1802 in Wilson, TN.

Elizabeth MERRILL was born about 1775. She died Unk. Elizabeth married Heinrich Henry BILLING on 6 Apr 1802 in Wilson, TN.

David BILLING [Parents] was born 1769 in Rowan Co, NC. He died 1855 in Wilson, TN. David married Frances Anne BLAIR on 4 May 1802 in Rowan Co, NC.

Frances Anne BLAIR was born about 1772. She died Unk. Frances married David BILLING on 4 May 1802 in Rowan Co, NC.

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